Our programs are funded through donations, partnerships, and ongoing fiscal responsibility

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Program Sustainability

We have multiple vehicles for program sustainability, including partnerships, grants, and donations.

Programs & Activities

Sustainability of our Teen Club activities will result from the ongoing training of both adult volunteers and through our teen leaders program. As the teens become older and “graduate” from the adolescent program, we hope they will return as adult volunteers, and eventually even staff members, thereby contributing to our organization’s long-term institutional sustainability — also demonstrating the success of our program in creating strong community leaders.

Fruitful Partnerships

The Botswana-Baylor Centre of Excellence enjoys a strong relationship with the Botswana Ministry of Health and numerous local private and public partners who continue to offer a wide range of support, from medical expertise to program development. Our partnership with Princess Marina Hospital and Botswana’s Ministry of Health is key to our sustainability; they have already taken over aspects of our programming, and will likely continue to do so as our program shows its success. They are also helping to scale up our programme and replicate it in other areas of the country, as part of a comprehensive national adolescent care package.

Financial Stability

Financial sustainability will be ensured by continued grant writing, networking with other development agencies and procuring donations from private entities. We also intend to provide training on adolescent HIV care, and support on a consultancy basis as a form of income generation.


Camps and extra activities are usually run using personal donations. Donations recieved online or through the clinic go straight into running programs for our clients.