Im just going talk about being poor. As a person you are the one who is going to improve your life. I think each and every person who is rich they where not born rich they worked so hard to achieve their goals, they worked in other peoples places such as gardens and some were even maids, some of them where born in a family where they didn't have a shelter to put over their heads even if it is rainy, they didn't know what is food. If you work hard your dreams can become true.

The secret to a happy life

many people say that life is unfair,mostly this is said when things go wrong but i would like to mention something to those people, this is what i think is a secret to a happy life, think of the things that make you happy as an individual, keep thinking of them because the more you think about them the more you invite happy things in your life.

Two stories of HIV infection

Written by Amanda Hu

When I was given a tour of the Botswana-Baylor Children’s Clinical Centre of Excellence, I learned that most of the HIV-positive youth in the country acquired HIV through mother-to-child transmission, and a smaller percentage through rape; it was a very small minority of children who contracted HIV through their own chosen behaviors. Yet despite the fact that they had no choice in the matter, they must deal with the consequences.


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