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Normalizing Your Life Themed Teen Club

“Normalizing Your Life” was the theme of our most recent Teen Club, held on Saturday, September 22nd. The idea of the theme was not for teens to find one single “normal” way live their lives, as such a “normal” does not exist. Rather, the day was intended for teens to explore their own individual interests, discussing what makes them happy and safe ways to de-stress, while simultaneously pursuing goals that help them develop further.

Transition Themed Teen Club

Our most recent Teen Club held on Saturday, August 25, focused on transition. Transition of care is the active process of preparing for and making the move from paediatric based care to adult care. As the population of adolescents at the COE continues to age, the necessity of such a transition has become increasingly apparent. As a result, providers are focused on designing a smooth and effective transition program. The transition theme on Saturday is one of many such steps to prepare teens for transition and gain valuable feedback from teens themselves about the process.

Day of the African Child

The last teen planning meeting on June 16 2012, the 21st anniversary of the Day of the African Child, was a very special day for the teen leaders. Not only did they plan the upcoming Teen Club event which will be all about Stigma and healthy disclosure, they also got introduced to a new program called Aflateen and were surprised by a visit from KFC staff and received generous donations.

Two stories of HIV infection

Written by Amanda Hu

When I was given a tour of the Botswana-Baylor Children’s Clinical Centre of Excellence, I learned that most of the HIV-positive youth in the country acquired HIV through mother-to-child transmission, and a smaller percentage through rape; it was a very small minority of children who contracted HIV through their own chosen behaviors. Yet despite the fact that they had no choice in the matter, they must deal with the consequences.

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