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Transition Themed Teen Club

Our most recent Teen Club held on Saturday, August 25, focused on transition. Transition of care is the active process of preparing for and making the move from paediatric based care to adult care. As the population of adolescents at the COE continues to age, the necessity of such a transition has become increasingly apparent. As a result, providers are focused on designing a smooth and effective transition program. The transition theme on Saturday is one of many such steps to prepare teens for transition and gain valuable feedback from teens themselves about the process.

The morning of Teen Club began with an engaging overview of transition by guest speaker Dr. Marape Marape. For many of 121 teens present, this was the first time that they had been introduced to the idea of transition. Following the overview, teens split into two groups: ages 13-15 and ages 16-19.

The older teens visited the Infectious Diseases Care Clinic at the neighboring Princess Marina Hospital. Teens received a tour led by two providers from the IDCC and were shown both the clinic itself as well as the pharmacy. Teens demonstrated their interest through the numerous questions they asked about the facilities and future care they would receive. Following the tour of the IDCC, the older teens acted out scenarios of transition-related situations they may find themselves in. Each scenario resulted in discussions amongst the teens debating the positive and negatives of possible solutions.

The younger teens acted out similar role plays. The younger teens first engaged in role plays in smaller groups. Following discussion amongst their groups, all of the 13-15 year old teens joined together to act out scenarios in front of the larger group. Scenarios were debriefed and several games were played to keep everyone engaged.

Transition is a difficult topic for teens and providers alike - change is never easy. But the theme of transition at Teen Club was a success. For those who were unfamiliar with the idea of transition, the hands-on activities helped them visualize what transition entails. Furthermore, teens learned the importance of taking ownership of their health and health care. Teens were also asked to provide informal and formal feedback, which will help to inform the transition team at the COE and IDCC of how to best implement the transition process. Finally, the eight providers from the COE that were present on Saturday to help facilitate the tour and role playing served as a reassuring indication for teens that the COE will help them through this process, ensuring that they will have the care and support they deserve wherever they are. 

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