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Im just going talk about being poor. As a person you are the one who is going to improve your life. I think each and every person who is rich they where not born rich they worked so hard to achieve their goals, they worked in other peoples places such as gardens and some were even maids, some of them where born in a family where they didn't have a shelter to put over their heads even if it is rainy, they didn't know what is food. If you work hard your dreams can become true.

I am a 19 year old girl i can't say at home we are rich/poor but i believe that in five years time i would have doubled what my parents have. I did my form 5 at Ledumang Senior Secondary school and i didn't do well. I knew that my mother wont be able to send me to a private school as she had told me that she can never send a person to school again and i told myself that the future is mine, i have to do something about it.

I started to buy some sweets at home and sell, this money i gain in for profit i will save each and every penny to use it to pay for writing my exam. I also began to look for jobs in any shop, i didn't mind what job they would say they have.

The most things i learned as a person is that don't be SHY. We black people we like to say 'what people would say when i work on a place like this?' and this is killing us, you will never do anything if you look at what other people do. As a poor person you have to look at what you can afford, never mind about people. Friends, to be rich also does not mean you have to be educated. Your hands are the ones which count on you and it depends on how you use them, if you can use them on doing bad things they will never make you have a success in life. 

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