Lesotho Teen Club visits Gaborone!

On Saturday, June 13th, members of staff from Lesotho Teen Club visited the Gaborone COE for a benchmarking visit. Together, we discussed fundraising, logistics, and program implementation at our different sites. Both teams learned a lot from each other!

Lesotho Peer Educators then helped our staff lead the Gaborone Teen Leader meeting. We played games, learned kilos in Sesotho, and talked about teamwork. After our meeting, the whole crew got to talk and to know each other better over some fried chicken from KFC!

Youth Employment Programme

In October 2014, the COE put on its first ever Job Readiness Training, part of the Youth Employment Program.

Camp Ya Chesa!

Camp Ya Chesa: Boitumelo mo Nageng was held in December for 59 patients of Botswana-Baylor Children’s Clinical Centre of Excellence at Mokolodi Nature Reserve.  Teen Club participants have long asked for their own Camp Hope and with the generous support from Mokolodi, we were able to give them a memorable week!

Howdy, Botswana! Dumelang, Texas!

Submitted by Mariana Berenguer, Volunteer and CIEE Intern


Once a month, Saturdays at the Botswana-Baylor Children’s Clinical Centre of Excellence are not at all their usual calm and quiet. Dozens and sometimes hundreds of active adolescents come together as the Teen Club to discuss their lives, play games, get to know one another better and receive various life skill trainings. As one of the most successful programs at Baylor, Teen Club engages in a number of different activities to keep its youth engaged and learning.

Normalizing Your Life Themed Teen Club

“Normalizing Your Life” was the theme of our most recent Teen Club, held on Saturday, September 22nd. The idea of the theme was not for teens to find one single “normal” way live their lives, as such a “normal” does not exist. Rather, the day was intended for teens to explore their own individual interests, discussing what makes them happy and safe ways to de-stress, while simultaneously pursuing goals that help them develop further.

Transition Themed Teen Club

Our most recent Teen Club held on Saturday, August 25, focused on transition. Transition of care is the active process of preparing for and making the move from paediatric based care to adult care. As the population of adolescents at the COE continues to age, the necessity of such a transition has become increasingly apparent. As a result, providers are focused on designing a smooth and effective transition program. The transition theme on Saturday is one of many such steps to prepare teens for transition and gain valuable feedback from teens themselves about the process.

Day of the African Child

The last teen planning meeting on June 16 2012, the 21st anniversary of the Day of the African Child, was a very special day for the teen leaders. Not only did they plan the upcoming Teen Club event which will be all about Stigma and healthy disclosure, they also got introduced to a new program called Aflateen and were surprised by a visit from KFC staff and received generous donations.

crazy love

people are worried about teens that are taking their lifes away for no reason, am worried as a teen and l think you shodint do that, and lf you have some issus you musnt solv it by taking your life away. gizz we love you.

crazy love

hello people teen club rocks! why? becoz we learn so much, like this weekend we were were talking about love and dating, and we even made some drama. and at e ntotele we learn to be a responsible preson in life and not do things i will regret in life. So people we would like to tell you that we love you where ever you are, ok?   

adolesent supporters group

Here teens get 2 talk about issues thy r facing as teens in evrydai lyf n the past wiknd we wer talking abt LOVE,SEX AND DATING n it was so gud dat teens got 2 talk freely 2 othrs without being shy that i was lyk talkin 2 my relatives n couzns bt it was realy gud though


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